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Claudia Ferri

Claudia Ferri, actress,

B: in Montréal, Québec

Claudia Ferri is pictured above in a production still from the 2015 short Let Go from director Isabel Dréan. Ferri began her career when she was cast to be in a commercial directed by the late Jean-Claude Lauzon.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Sleeping with Strangers (1994)
Hard Core Logo (1996)
The Assignment (1997)
36 Hours to Die (TV-1999)

Stardom (2000)
Artificial Lies (2000)
Snow in August (TV-2001)
After Amy (TV-2001)
Dead Awake (2001)
Killing Time (2001)
Soother (2001)
Mambo Italiano (2003)
Viva La Frida! (2003)
Hunt for Justice (TV-2005)
Saving Milly (TV-2005)
Tipping Point (TV-2007)
Too Young to Marry (TV-2007)
Wargames: The Dead Code (VR-2008)
The Christmas Choir (TV-2008)
3 saisons (2009)
Dédé, à travers les brumes (2009)
Les Grandes chaleurs (2009)
40 Is the New 20 (2009)
Ring of Deceit (TV-2009)

Fakers (TV-2010)
Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright (VR-2010)
Alone with Mr. Carter (2011, short)
The Bronx Bull (2013)
Let Go (2015, short)
A Date with Miss Fortune (2015)
The Bronx Bull (2016)
Ice Cream in the Cupboard (2017)

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Omerta II – La loi du silence (1997, mini-series)
Omerta – La dernier des hommes d’honneur (1990)

Les aventures tumultueuses de Jack Carter (2003)
Ciao Bella (2003)
Naked Josh (2005-2006)
Durham County (2007-2009)
Race to Mars (2007, mini-series)
The Last Templar (2009, mini-series)

The Killing (2011-2012)
Rogue (2013)
La marraine (2014, mini-series)
Bad Blood (2017, mini-series)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
Naked Josh (2005)
Alienated (2003)
Nos étés (2006)

Big Time Rush (2011)
Longmire (2012)
Le gentleman (2013)
Public Morals (2015)
Unité 9 (2015, 2016)
19-2 (2016)
Queen of the South (2017)

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