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Fetching Cody


87 minutes – Comedy
Release date: March 16, 2006
Canadian distributor: Capri Releasing

This movie, a sci-fi comedy of sorts, about enduring love and time travel is set in one of the saddest places in the world, Vancouver`s “Downtown Eastside.” Featured regularly as a hell-hole on the TV series, Da Vinci`s Inquest, no other slum or ghetto in Canada matches the squalor of this urban wasteland which spreads over 10 blocks of rundown hotels, pawn shops, and alleyways littered with garbage. Called “Low Track” by locals, in 1998 prostitutes averaged one death per day from drug overdoses, the highest rate in Canadian history. In 1983, prostitutes began to vanish from Low Track and by the time police noticed the trend, some 14 years later, more than two-dozen had disappeared. They now think that number is as high as 60 women. Set in this real world, we meet Art, played by Jay Baruchel, and his girlfriend, Cody played by Sarah Lind. They are addicts in Low Track. One evening, Art finds Cody on the floor, near death. She has ODed and is in a coma. Heartbroken, Art turns to one of his street pals, Harvey, played by the US-born, long-time Canadian resident, Jim Byrnes. Harvey claims that a dilapidated recliner decorated with Christmas lights that he came across in a dumpster is actually a time machine. Art suspends disbelief and discovers that he is transported through time when he drifts off to sleep in the chair. He decides to rescue Cody from her fate but quickly learns that changing the past is a lot harder than he imagined and his trips through time become comic set-pieces of desperation.

Trailer and poster courtesy of Capri Releasing.

Fetching Cody, movie poster



Carolyn Allain
Christina Margellos Bulbrook


David Ray


David Ray


David Ray


Paul Mitchnick


Karen Porter


Phillip Western

Production Designer:

Marti Wright
David Croal

Costume Designer:

Brodie Davison

Cast: Roles:

Jay Baruchel
Sarah Lind
Jim Byrnes
Lucas Blaney
Neil Denis
Liam McGuigan
Chilton Crane
Barclay Hope
Nicole Muñoz
Ken Jones
Robert Kaiser
Jessica McLeod
Angela Moore
Kyla Anderson
Art Kitching
Morgan Brayton
Manoj Sood
Ashley Whillans
Caroline Chan
Peter Hanlon
Colin Foo
Josh Hayden
Messer the Dog

Art Frankel
Cody Wesson
Holden Wesson
David “Helmut” Yar
Mrs. Wesson
Mr. Wesson
Young Cody
Nurse Sam
Paramedic 1
Paramedic 2
Security Guard
Girl 1
Girl 2
School Principal
Freckled Boy
The dog