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Forbidden Journey


83 minutes – Thriller
Release date: September 22, 1950 (in Montréal, Québec)
Canadian Distributor: United Artists
US Distributor: United Artists

Released in 1950, this is a mild thriller that didn’t do well at the box office. Jan Rubes, who had himself only recently arrived in Canada plays the role of a Displaced Person arriving from a war-torn Europe, but he is in fact a communist spy. His mission is to pass on sensitive information to an uncle in Montréal, but agents of a foreign country wish to stop him by any means, including killing him if they have to. A week after the film opened, Variety wrote, “Film lacks pace and wallop. A sense of evil, expected from the agent and his killers, is missing, and the leisurely pace with which it moves… does little more than give the viewer a travelog of Montreal. The excitement level begins to pick up towards the end, but nt enough to save the film. Trivia: Look for character actor John Colicos in a bit part as a student.

The poster for Forbidden Journey was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.



Richard J. Jarvis
Cecil Maiden


Richard J. Jarvis


Richard J. Jarvis
Cecil Maiden


Roger Racine


Richard J. Jarvis


Oscar Morawetz

Cast: Roles:

Jan Rubes
Susan Douglas
Richard Kronold
Gerald Rowan
Mac Shoub
Rupert Caplan
John Colicos
Eleanor Stuart
Winifred Dennis
Paul Guèvremont
Mary Barclay
Paul Arno
Marcel Plamondon
Willard Sage
Ronald Kinsman
Frank Edwards
Elizabeth Leese
Blanche Gauthier
Camille Ducharme
Fanny Tremblay
J. Léo Gagnon
Jeannette Teasdale
Richard Barclay
Henry Ramer

Jan Bartik
Mary Sherrit
Professor Bartik
Port Officer
A student
Mary Sherrit’s aunt
The cook
M. Duval
The minister’s wife

The dancer
Mme Duval
Laundry Delivery Man

The minister