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B: 1941 in Swastika, Ontario

In addition to a fine acting career, David Fox is also a writer. He wrote the teleplay for 1982`s Joey in which he played seven characters including both The Almighty and a Leadership Announcer. He is, not surprisingly, a stage actor as well. For example, he has appeared on stage at the Blyth Festival in Ontario for more than 8 seasons, and appeared in the hit Canadian play, The Drawer Boy.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Parallels (1980)
Silence of the North (1981)
Joey (TV-1982)
Boys and Girls (1982)
Cages (1984)
Mrs. Soffel (1984)
The Suicide Murders (TV-1985)
The Concert Stages of Europe (1985)
Samuel Lount (1985)
Captive (1986)
Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (TV-1987)
Witchcraft (1988)
Palais Royale (1988)
The Top of His Head (1989)

Baby on Board (1991)
The Women of Windsor (TV-1992)
Ordinary Magic (1993)
Family Pictures (TV-1993)
The Circle Game (1994)
When Night Is Falling (1995)
Black Fox: Good Men and Bad (TV-1995)
Spill (1996)
Dangerous Offender: The Marlene Moore Story (TV-1996)
Promise the Moon (TV-1997)
My Own Country (TV-1998)
The Fence (1998)
Conquest (1998)
Jungle Boy (1998)
Clutch (1998)
Murder in a Small Town (TV-1999)
Grey Owl (1999)

Rats (2000)
Washed Up (2000)
2001: A Space Travesty (2000)
For Love of Olivia (TV-2001)
A Man`s Life (2001)
Prince Charming (TV-2001)
Chasing Cain: Face (TV-2002)
The Charnel House (2002)
The Pentagon Papers (TV-2003)
Dermott`s Quest (2003)
The Saddest Music in the World (2003)
Reversible Errors (TV-2004)
The Human Kazoo (2004)
Yesteryears (TV-2005)
Snow Cake (2005)
That Beautiful Somewhere (2006)
Absolution (TV-2006)
The Altar Boy Gang (TV-2007)
Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007)
Night Vision (2008)
Spoliation (2008)
The Water (2009)

St. Roz (2010)
The Evening News (2011, short)
The Rink (2011, short)
Dream House (2011)
Bunny (2012, short)
Mama (2013)
Pacific Rim (2013)
We Are Not Here (2013, short)

TV Series – Cast:
Road to Avonlea (1989-1996)
The Adventures of Tintin (voice, 1990)
By Way of the Stars (mini-series, 1992)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (voice, 1993)
Northern Town (2006)
Across the River to Motor City (2007)

TV Series – Guest Appearances:
The Littlest Hobo (1981, 1984)

Mom P.I. (1991)
Street Legal (1992)
X-Men (1992, 1993)
Kun Fu: The Legend Continues (1995)
Traders (1996)
Poltergeist: The Legacy (1997)
Little Men (1999)
Due South (1999)

Puppets Who Kill (2002, 2006)
Mutant X (2002)
The Eleventh Hour (2002)
Heartland (2009)
Being Erica (2009)

Guidestones (2012)
Murdoch Mysteries (2014)

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