Funny Boy


109 minutes – Drama
Language: English, Sinhala, Tamil
Festival release date: November 16, 2020 (Available Light Film Festival, Whitehorse, Yukon)
Release date: November 27, 2020 (Canada)
World broadcast premiere: (December 4, 2020 – CBC Canada)
Production company: Hamilton Mehta Productions
Canadian distributor:
U.S. distributor: Array

Set in Sri Lanka in the 1970s and ‘80s, Funny Boy follows the story of Arjie, as a boy of eight and as a teenager living in an upper middle-class family, who struggles with his sexual orientation in a deeply conservative society. As political tensions escalate to a boiling point between the minority Tamils and the majority Sinhalese, Arjie comes of age in a society and family that refuses to embrace differences outside of societal norms. The film mirrors the oppression of the Tamil people with the marginalization Arjie suffers because of who he is and who he loves. Funny Boy chronicles a country torn apart by fear and abuse of power, while Arjie’s struggles to find balance and self-love despite the absence of empathy and understanding.

Funny Boy was selected as the Canadian entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards.
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David Hamilton
Howard Shore

Associate Producer:

Neil Mathieson

Line Producer:

Gopi Darmaratnam (Sri Lanka)


Deepa Mehta


Deepa Mehta
Shyam Selvadurai


Douglas Koch


Teresa Font


Howard Shore

Production Designer:

Errol Kelly

Costume Designer:

Darshan Jalan

Cast: Roles:

Arush Nand
Brandon Ingram
Ali Kazmi
Nimmi Harasgama
Seema Biswas
Agam Darshi
Ruvin De Silva
Orlando Giraldo
David Hamilton
Rehan Mudannayake
Pavithra Wickramasinghe
Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke
Prasad Pereira
Arjun Wignaraja
Tracy Holsinger
Mandy Mudannayake
Rithmaka Karunadhara
Liz Gruszka
Amar Fernando
Hidaayath Hazeer
Chalin Manuranga
Maithili Venkataraman
Peter Cockett
The Workshop Players

Young Arjie
Older Arjie
Appa, Arjie’s father
Amma, Arjie’s mother
Arjie’s grandmother
Arjie’s aunt
Man with Hockey Bag
Male Club Member
English Teacher
Uncle 2
Anil’s Father
Kanthi Aunty
Female Club Member
Female Director
Male Cousin 1
Older Diggy
Hostile Boarder
Older Tanuja
TV Announcer
The King & I Troupe