Cara Gee


B: July 18 in Calgary, Alberta

Cara Gee was born in Calgary but grew up in Aurora, Ontario. Gee has a BFA in acting from the University of Windsor and primarily works in theatre. Most recently, she performed in Arigato, Tokyo (Buddies in Bad Times), The Real World? (Tarragon), The Penelopiad (Nightwood), The Rez Sisters (Factory) and The Jones Boy (surface/underground). An ensemble member of the independent Birdtown and Swanville company, her credits there include Settlers, The Physical Ramifications of Attempted Global Domination, 36 Little Plays About Hopeless Girls, Dead Wrestlers, and Family Story. Other theatre credits include: Stitch (SummerWorks-Spotlight Award), Tout Comme Elle (Necessary Angel), Spirit Horse (Roseneath Theatre), Flowers (Rose City Theatre Festival), and Love. She plays the role of Camina Drummer on The Expanse.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Gingerlip Kids (2010, short)
Hot Tw*t (2010, short)
Empire of Dirt (2013)
The Cycle of Broken Grace (2013, short)
Anne Darling (2013, short)
We Think it Belongs In The Sea (2015, short)
Sundowners (2017)
We Forgot to Break Up (2017, short)
The Carmilla Movie (2017)
Birdland (2018)
Trouble in the Garden (2018)
Red Rover (2018)
Wynter (TV-2018)
Home in Time (2018, short)
Bitter Smoke (2018, short)
EXT (2019, short)
It’s Nothing (2019, short)
Lone Wolf Survival Kit (2019)
Call of the Wild (2019)

Bones of Crows (2022)

TV Series – Cast:
Strange Empire (2014-2015)
Inhuman Condition (2016)
Seraphim (2016, mini-series)
The Expanse (2017-)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
King (2012)
Repubic of Doyle (2013)
Darknet (2013)
The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island (2017)
Letterkenny (2017)

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The Call of the Wild, 2020 movie, poster,