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Geraldine’s Fortune


93 minutes – Comedy
Canadian Distributor – Seville Pictures
Release date: October 22, 2004

Geraldine`s Fortune tells the comic story of how a big money TV game show brings excitement and chaos to a sleepy little New Brunswick town, and shakes one woman and her family to their very foundation. Based loosely on Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles Soeurs, the story revolves around Geraldine Liddle, a mild mannered middle aged supermarket supervisor with one child, three sisters, an unemployed husband, and a small group of people she thinks are her friends. When Geraldine gets an opportunity to compete for two million dollars on the hit game show “Bring Home the Bacon”, suddenly she becomes the center of everyone`s greed, ambition and jealousy. The film is about families, friendship, loyalty, large sums of money, and dreams that you sometimes hope never come true. And like all of life`s big questions, none of the answers are given until the Final Round.

Geraldine's Fortune, movie poster



Sam Grana
Lorraine Richard

Executive Producer:

Louis Laverdière
Vivianne Morin

Associate Producer:

Perry Zimel


John N. Smith


Tim Burns


Pierre Letarte


Gaetan Hout


Jeff Fisher

Cast: Roles:

Jane Curtin
Mary Walsh
Sheila McCarthy
Matt Frewer
Peter MacNeill
Monique Mercure
Marina Orsini
Pascale Montpetit
Patrick McKenna
Jennifer Morehouse
Claire Brosseau
Charlie Rhindress
Brett Watson
Nicole Maillet
Tori Mitchell
Dylan Smith

Geraldine Liddle
Rose Owen
Tina Larose
Cameron Geary
Henry Liddle
Olive Larose
Diede Murphy
Louie Owen
Greta Jones
Make-up Girl
Floor Director
Linda Liddle
Laura Larose
Josh Fisher