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131 minutes – Drama, Biography
Language: French
Release date: June 15, 2011
Canadian Distributor: Les Films Christal

Gerry is a biographical film about the late Canadian rock singer Gerry Boulet (1946-1990) and his band Offenbach. Maurie Alioff in his July 2011 Inside Quebec column wrote: “For Quebeckers, especially Baby Boomers, the late Gerry Boulet (1946-1990) is a music legend. Those who still hanker for Quebec’s sovereignty embrace him as a symbol of nationalist passion that burns far less brightly than it did during the heyday of Boulet’s band, Offenbach. Like many pictures about music icons, Alain DesRocher’s Gerry opens at a turning point moment in Boulet’s life, flashes back, in this case to childhood, and then propels forward, hitting all the obligatory scenes one would expect from the ode to rock star genre.”

Production still and poster courtesy of Les films Christal. Gerry had a premiere screening in Boulet’s home town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on May 30, 2011.

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Christian Larouche


Alain Desrochers


Nathalie Petrowski


Yves Bélanger CSC


Eric Drouin


FM Lesieur

Art Director:

Dominique Desrochers

Costume Designer:

Carmen Alie

Cast: Roles:

Mario Saint-Amand
Capucine Delaby
Marc-François Blondin
Éric Bruneau
Louis-David Morasse
Eugene Brotto
Mathieu Lepage
Madeleine Peloquin
Roberto Mei
Jonas Tomalty
Stéphane Archambault
Nathalie Cavezzali
Hugo Dubé
Ariane Legault
Luc Proulx

Gerry Boulet
Françoise Faraldo
Johnny Gravel
Pierre Harel
Denis Boulet
Breen Leboeuf
Willie Lamothe
Denise Boulet
John McGale
Alain Simard
Doctor Jolivet