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94 minutes – Drama
Release date: January 25, 1975
Canadian Distributor: Cinepix

His first film following the international acclaim awarded Rejeanne Padovanl, Denys Arcand’s Gina demonstrates the same skill, satirical bite and political acumen of the earlier film. Again concentrating more on anecdote than action, Arcand situates the story in a run-down country hotel in Quebec, where certain characters converge to play out the allegorical corrupllon of Quebec society: Gina (Céllne Lomez) is a streetwise stripper caught in a trap of exploitation and organized crime: Dolores (Frédérique Collin) is an equally exploited employee of a textile factory; the filmmakers from the “Office national du cinema” (a not terribly discrete sneer at the NFB) do their own exploiting by looking lor trouble but staying out of it. Then there`s the brawling snowmobilers, who track Gina down and rape her. Bitter and compelling, The Globe and Mail’s Martin Knelman wrote that Gina “has the energy of pulp combined with the moral intelligence of a polilical expose.”



Pierre Lemay


Denys Arcand


Denys Arcand


Alain Dostle


Denys Arcand


Michel Pagliaro
Benny Barbara

Cast: Roles:

Céline Lomez
Claude Blanchard
Frédérique Collin
Serge Thériault
Gabriel Arcand
Louise Cuerrier
Jocelyn Bérubé
Paule Baillargeon
Jean-Pierre Saulnier
Roger Lebel
Julien Lippé
André Gagnon
Carol Faucher
Gilles Marsolais
Stan Gibbons
Katerine Mousseau
Michèle Lehardy
Dorothée Berryman
Donald Lautrec
Denise Filiatrault
Donald Pilon
Marcel Sabourin

Bob Sauvageau
Assistant cameraman
The Director
Carole Bédard

Rita John
Marcel Jobin
Léonard Chabot
Léger Carpentier

Pierre Saint-Louis