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The Girl Who Married a Ghost


83 minutes – Drama
Release date: 2003
Production company: Blue Moon Productions
Distributor: Cinéma Libre

The Girl Who Married a Ghost is based on a legend, which has been passed down from generation to generation among the Nisqualli Indian Tribe of southern Washington. This piece of ancient Native American mythology tells of the daughter of an Indian chief who accepts a proposal of marriage from a Prince who rules a great nation many miles from her shore. Once she arrives to “the other side”, it is too late to return, for the Princess realizes she has become Queen of Ghost Land; a place where the spirits of the dead go to play out eternity. The legend has been told in books, on stage, and now on film. In the movie, a rich and powerful aboriginal Chief lives in luxury on a paradise island with his wife and beautiful daughter, Ramona (Janna Jo Scheunhage). The Chief does not want Ramona to get involved with any of the local men and he’ll go to any length to ensure this. One day, he violently attacks a young shaman, Gabriel Raven, for visiting Ramona. An angry Gabriel transforms himself into a spirit and comes to the girl at night, tricking her into running away with him. The next morning Ramona discovers Gabriel was nothing more than a ghost – a pile of bones on a deserted beach – and that she is pregnant. What will become of her now? The film features an occasional bit of narration, but is otherwise told strictly through the actions of the players. There is no dialogue.

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David Christensen
Sandra Sawatzky


Sandra Sawatzky


Sandra Sawatzky


Sydney K. Bailey


Emma Barry


Carey Parder
Chantal Vitalis

Production Designer:

Jackie Bagley

Costume Designer:

Crystine Booth

Cast: Roles:

Jerry Longboat
Janna-Jo Schuenhage
Wendy Walker
Carol Greyeyes
Michael Lawrenchuk

Gabriel Raven
Ramona Diamond
Screech Owl