111 minutes – Drama, biopic, hockey
Release date: March 1, 2019
Production company: Blue Ice Pictures
Canadian distributor: Mongrel Media

Goalie tells the story of legendary goaltender Terry Sawchuk, who played at a time when goalies didn’t wear masks because one hadn’t been invented. That often meant that each save could bring one more gash to his unmasked face and one more drink to numb the pain. Even with a wife and seven children at home, he is haunted by the void left from his childhood which he tried to fill with cheering crowds. Sawchuk traveled across the country racking up 103 shutouts and 400 stitches to his face, proving that this is a man who lives, breathes, and dies a goalie.

Goalie is based in part on the award-winning book of poetry, Night Work, by Randall Maggs and the only authorized biography, Sawchuk: The Troubles and Triumphs of the World’s Greatest Goalie by David Dupuis. It was produced in association with Telefilm Canada, OMDC, NOHFC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Daniel Iron

Executive Producer:

Tannaz Anisi
Mark O’Brien
Lance Samuels
Greg R. Schenz
Neil Tabatznik
Jason Tan


Steve Solomos

Associate Producer:

Ross Marian
David Warry-Smith


Adriana Maggs


Adriana Maggs
Jane Maggs


Jason Tan


Simone Smith


Casey LaForet

Production Designer:

Sean Moore

Art Director:

Sean Moore

Costume Designer:

Kendra Terpenning

Cast: Roles:

Mark O’Brien
Kevin Pollak
Georgina Reilly
Éric Bruneau
Steve Byers
Ted Atherton
Janine Theriault
Owen Maggs
Matt Gordon
Jonny Harris
Kate Corbett
Sergio Di Zio
Joel Thomas Hynes
Sean McCann
Chris Farquhar
Dwight Harrison
Aiden Glenn

Terry Sawchuk
Jack Adams
Pat Morey
Marcel Pronovost
Gordie Howe
Louis Sawchuk
Anne Sawchuk
Mitch Sawchuk
Tommy Ivan
Phil Sullivan
Doug Harvey
Red Storey
Detroit Reporter #2
Willie O’Ree
Young Terry Sawchuk