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Huntley Gordon, actor,
This image of Huntley Gordon was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection

B: October 8, 1887 in Montréal, Québec
D: December 7, 1956 in Van Nuys, California

Huntley Gordon is pictured in a publicity photo by Clarence S. Bull for the MGM film Mrs. Paramor (as the photo is credited on the back), which was released in 1924 as Married Flirts. Born in Montreal, Huntley Gordon moved to England with his family and attended the Bannister Court School in Hampshire. After graduation he returned to Canada and started work at the Bank of Montreal as a broker. But he was interested in acting and gave up his career in banking to travel to New York hoping to have a career on stage. He played small parts for a number of years when a friend connected with Vitagraph offered him a part in a silent movie. He went on to a long career, surviving the switch to “talkies” and usually playing suave, sophisticated characters. An expert hockey player and football player, his physical size and natural athleticism brought him a lot of work in westerns. He is sometimes referred to as “The King of the B Movies.” A typical B movie example would be his costarring role in the 1935 feature Murder by Television. This photo is one of two Huntley Gordon items in the Northernstars Collection. The other is a page from publication known as Famous Film Folk. Huntley Gordon is described as being 6 feet in height, 175 lbs., with light brown hair and blue eyes.

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Murder by Television, movie, poster,
Poster for the movie Murder by Television