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Greg Klymkiw – Biography
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(April 26, 2018 – Toronto, ON) Greg Klymkiw was born in Winnipeg. His love for film began when he was eight years old and he saw the opening night performance of Planet of the Apes at Winnipeg’s Metropolitan Theatre. He realized there and then that he had no other choice than to be a film producer. Klymkiw studied English and Theatre at the University of Manitoba, but actually began his career as a journalist and broadcaster. His film and theatre reviews appeared in a variety of publications, including, The Winnipeg Sun; The Winnipeg Free Press and CBC Radio. KJymkiw also served as a repertory cinema programmer in Winnipeg and a film booking agent for rural cinemas in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and north-western Ontario.

Klymkiw went on to direct numerous theatrical productions for The Black Hole Theatre Company in Winnipeg. One of these shows starred Guy Maddin as Dr. Cukrowicz in Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer. Other plays directed by Klymkiw include William Saroyan’s The Time of Your Life, Murray Schisgal’s Luv, Eugene O’Neill’s Hughie and Paul Zindel’s The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds. KJymkiw went on to produce several low-budget films and television series. With the birth of prairie post modern cinema in the 1980s, a Winnipeg art movement that gained major international acclaim, Klymkiw, once described as a “subversive punk renegade,” produced, acted in and distributed all of the major early works of Guy Maddin and John Paizs.

Directed by Cynthia Roberts and produced by Klymkiw, The Last Supper was named Best feature film and given a Teddy Award, which is an international film award for films with LGBT topics, presented by an independent jury as an official award of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Greg Klymkiw served as Director of Marketing for the Winnipeg Film Group before moving away. He returned to Winnipeg in late 2017 to become the organization’s Executive Director.

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