The Hamster Cage


93 minutes – Comedy
Language: English
Release date: September 1, 2006
Canadian distributor: Capri Releasing

Lucy and Paul have returned home to help their dad, Phil, celebrate his upcoming Nobel Prize in physics. He’s a bit of an odd duck. For example, in one scene set in a cluttered den, Phil is working out equations on a blackboard when he is startled by a noise behind him. He turns to discover a young girl dressed in a kilt and tie with a drink in her hand. She blushes and he looks down at his completely naked body. “I do my best thinking in the nude,” he offers. The young girl is named Candy and she is the way-too-young bride-to-be of Phil`s brother, Stanley. She is working on her MFA in Creative Writing and as such is constantly scribbling in her notebook, scraping inspiration from “real life.” Stanley has not only brought along Candy, but he doles out some rather inappropriate gifts. When Lucy discovers that her gift is a pair of young girl`s panties, some horrific memories come pouring back clearly implicating her uncle in some distasteful and unacceptable behavior. As Stanley launches into a persuasive defense of his pedophilia, Lucy impulsively kills him with a toilet plunger. She then enlists her brother to help bury Uncle Stanley in their pet cemetery. But Stanley is not as dead as they thought. reviews The Hamster Cage.

The Hamster Cage, movie poster



Rob French
Larry Kent
Perry Creticos

Executive Producer:

Tom Lavin


Larry Kent


Larry Kent
Daniel Williams


Gilles Blais


Greg Kaufman

Cast: Roles:

Patricia Dahlquist
Jillian Fargey
Scott Hylands
Carly Pope
Alan Scarfe
Tom Scholte