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Hank Williams First Nation

Hank Williams First Nation, movie,

92 minutes – Drama
Release date: February 3, 2005
Canadian distributor: Maple Pictures

Hank Williams First Nation is all about life in a sleepy northern Cree community and the experiences of those who venture beyond. Seventy-five-year-old Martin Fox, played by Jimmy Herman, is one of the elders and one day he begins to question the death of his hero Hank Williams. He decides to set out to find the truth. It`s a quest he feels he must make before he dies. With the support of his brother, Adelard Fox, played by Gordon Tootoosis, Martin sets out for Tennessee on a Greyhound bus, accompanied by his 17-year-old nephew, Jacob. As the two travellers gain human-interest-story-of-the-week status in the U.S., the news trickling back home sparks a sense of comaraderie and pride within their community and the variety of colourful characters who make it their home. Many films like this seem to be excuses for a soundtrack CD but not in this case. This is solid story telling. And the music is great, including tracks by Joe Ely, Billy Joe Shaver, Old Reliable, Dave McCann, The Swiftys, Tim Hus and, of course, Hank Williams Sr.

Hank Williams First Nation, movie, poster,



Aaron James Sorensen

Executive Producer:

Frank Lovsin
Chief Joe Whitehead Jr.


Aaron James Sorensen


Aaron James Sorensen


C. Kim Miles


Warren Langford
Aaron James Sorensen

Cast: Roles:

Gordon Tootoosis
Jimmy Herman
Stacy Da Silva
Colin Van Loon
Stephanie Dixon
Gillian Carfra
Ron Waller
Edna Rain
Bernard Starlight
Raymond Carafelle
Alexandra Lazarowich
Allen Belcourt
Sammy Simon
Geraldine Laboucan
Carilee Oslee
Charlie Laboucan

Adelard Fox
Uncle Martin
Sarah Fox
Jacob Fox
Miss Keating
Social Worker
Principal Granich
Huey Bigstone
Chief Chicken-wings
Radio announcer
Friend 1
Friend 2