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Hard Core Logo 2


85 minutes – Comedy
Release date: TBA
Canadian Distributor: Alliance Films

Bruce McDonald (played by Bruce McDonald himself) is the director of the infamous rock doc about the band Hard Core Logo, a film that ended in tragedy when the Hard Core`s lead, Joe Dick, killed himself on camera. Bruce has since lived with the guilt of immortalizing Joe`s death on film. Now Bruce is asked to interview Care Failure of Canadian punk band Die Mannequin, who claims to be channeling the spirit of Joe. Joining the band at a recording studio in the backwoods of Saskatchewan, Bruce discovers Care`s manager has hired a musical legend named Bucky Haight to produce the album. Bruce is convinced Care is suffering a genuine case of possession and stays to document the recording process. As bizarre events unfold, Bruce’s experiences revitalize and cure him of his trauma about Joe.

Hard Core Logo 2 had its World Premiere at the 2010 Whistler Film Festival.

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Hard Core Logo 2, movie poster



Holly Baird
Rob Merilees

Executive Producer:

Christine Haebler
Mark Slone
Dany Chiasson
Lindsay MacAdam
David Valleau


Bruce McDonald


Dave Griffith
Bruce McDonald


John Price


Duff Smith
Jeremiah Munce


Jusin Small
Ohad Benchetrit

Cast: Roles:

Bruce McDonald
Care Failure
Julian Richings
Adrien Dorval
Shannon Jardine
Sera-Lys McArthur

Bruce, the Filmmaker
Bucky Haight
Rufus Mellon
Liz Moore