97 minutes – Horror
Language: English
Release date: March 9, 2013
US release date: October 25, 2013
Canadian Distributor: Copperheart Entertainment

Lisa Johnson is one day shy of her sixteenth birthday. And she will be forever. She and her family are dead and doomed to repeat that fateful last day before they were all killed in 1985. Only Lisa has “woken up” and it soon becomes evident that she and her family are dead, and that they are in fact ghosts. She begins to try and investigate what it is that is occurring and even attempts to make communication with the voices and form that she sometimes hears and sees. But, her family is soon visited by the creepy the Pale Man; who goes on to warn her to stop from trying to contact the living. She starts to feel as if she is being haunted, but the “ghost” turns out to be Olivia, a very much alive girl who lives in the house in the present day with her own family. With her help, Lisa discovers that the house once belonged to a serial killer who kidnapped teenage girls and burned their remains in a hidden furnace room. When he died, he became a Haunter – a powerful, evil spirit able to possess the living.

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Executive Producer:

Vincent Maraval
Vincenzo Natali


John Raymonds


Mark Smith


Vincenzo Natali


Matthew Brian King


Jom Joffin

Production Designer:

Michael Doherty

Cast: Roles:

Abigail Breslin
Samantha Weinstein
Stephen McHattie
David Hewlett
Sarah Manninen
Peter DaCunha
Peter Outerbridge
Michelle Nolden
Eleanor Zichy
Marie Dame
Michelle Coburn
David Knoll
Tadhg McMahon
Martine Campbell

Lisa Johnson
Frances Nichols
The Pale Man
Olivia’s Father
Olivia’s Mother
Edgar’s Mother
Mary Brooks
Edgar’s Father
Olivia’s Sister