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81 minutes – Horror
Release date: January 29, 2006
DVD Release date: October 31, 2006 (USA)
Canadian Distributor: Peace Arch Films

To begin with, you shouldn’t confuse this film with the 1992 movie also titled Heartstopper, although both are horror films. The 1992 version was about the revenge of a Pittsburgh physician who was wrongfully accused of being a vampire and horribly executed some 200 years earlier. This Heartstopper is similar, in that there is a medical theme to the story. This Heartstopper tells the story of two young people who, injured and subsequently hospitalized, discover how very much worse things can get when the dilapidated facility in which they are stranded is hit by a severe storm and then a maniac begins to stalk the corridors butchering staff and patients.

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Kate Harrison
Lewin Webb

Executive Producer:

Jacqueline Kelly
Barbara Sacks

Line Producer:

Erin Berry
Robert Wilson


Bob Keen


Vlady Pildysh
Warren P. Sonoda


David Mitchell


Mitch Lackie


Eric Cadesky
Nick Dyer

Production Designer:

Jonathan Dueck

Art Director:

Andrew Berry
Julia Berg (Set Decorator)

Costume Designer:

Deirdra Morris
Christine Terris

Cast: Roles:

Meredith Henderson
Nathan Stephenson
Robert Englund
James Binkley
Michael Cram
Mark Day
Laura de Carteret
Scott Gibson
Ted Ludzik
Lori Hallier
John Bayliss
Wayne Flemming
Celine Lepage
David Roche
Drew Carnwath

Sara Wexler
Sheriff Berger
Doctor Hitchens
Medical Driver
Nurse Grafton
Doctor Drayis
Janitor Mackie
Ms. Wexler
The Warden
Trina Foote
Deputy Wilson
Guard #1