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Hell or Clean Water

Hell of Clean Water, image, movie, documentary,

88 minutes – Documentary
Language: English
Festival release date: April 29, 2021 (Hot Docs, Toronto, Virtual, World Premiere)
Release date: TBA
Production company: Little Heat Films
North American distributor: IndieCan Entertainment

Shawn Bath is an unlikely environmentalist. Just 10 years ago he was throwing garbage out his truck window. But as a commercial diver in Newfoundland, Shawn has seen “everything that mankind doesn’t want”. The harbours in the province are full of tires, bottles, boat parts and fishing equipment, a world wide problem that is “out of sight, out of mind”. After meeting his girlfriend Staunene, Shawn has a change of heart and is now hell bent on cleaning up the trash that’s littering the bottom of the Atlantic. He quits his job and devotes all his time and energy into his new cause Clean Harbours Initiative, relying solely on donations while he tries to secure government funding. The problem? He only has $9 in his bank account, creditors are calling daily and the funds aren’t coming in fast enough. Shawn is also a former seal hunter and one of the first groups to step up and help with his cause is the International Fund For Animal Welfare, an animal rights group that is against the commercial seal hunt, and therefore hated in Newfoundland. But Shawn will take help from anyone willing to assist him in cleaning up the mammoth issue of trash in his beloved ocean. In this David and Goliath story, Shawn risks everything to keep his waters clean. But with so much to care about in the world today, will the help ever arrive?

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Jennifer Hawley

Executive Producer:

Lynne Wilson
Jill Knox-Gosse


Cody Westman


Cody Westman


Troy Maher


Justin Simms

Cast: Roles:

Shawn Bath
Staunene Whelan
Athur Pond
Bob Legge
Holly Hogan