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Hello Destroyer


110 minutes – Drama
Festival release date: September 2016 (TIFF)
Release date: TBA
Canadian distributor:

Hello Destroyer tells the story of Jared Abrahamson (Tyson Burr) who plays a young junior hockey player and new recruit for the minor league team, The Prince George Warriors. He is the “enforcer.” The guy whose primary tasks are digging the puck out of corners and protecting more skilled players. Spurred on by his coach, Tyson inadvertently injures another player in an in-game act of violence. In an instant his life is abruptly turned upside down; torn from the fraternity of the team and the coinciding position of prominence, he is cast as a pariah and ostracized from the community. As he struggles with the repercussions of the event, desperate to find a means of reconciliation and a sense of identity, his personal journey ends up illuminating troubling systemic issues around violence.

Hello Destroyer won 5 Leo Awards in 2017 including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Lead Performance – Male for Jared Abrahamson.

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Daniel Domachowski
Haydn Wazelle

Executive Producer:

Trish Dolman
Christine Haebler


Jordan Barber
Angela Konieczny
Bernie Yao

Associate Producer:

Matt Bonin
Kara Eide
Graham Mackenzie
Kris Woznesensky


Kevan Funk


Kevan Funk


Benjamin Loeb


Ajla Odobasic


Edo Van Breemen

Production Designer:

Robin Tilby

Costume Designer:

Mia Fiddis

Cast: Roles:

Jared Abrahamson
Sara Canning
Ian Tracey
Ben Cotton
Paul McGillion
Michael Kopsa
Nels Lennarson
Darren Mann
Maxwell Haynes
Philip Prajoux
R.J. Fetherstonhaugh
Shane Leydon
Michael St. John Smith
Cameron Hilts
David Lennon
Kurt Max Runte
Paolo Maiolo
Dave Walden
Ron Marion Craig

Tyson Burr
Wendy Davis
Coach Aaron Weller
Bill Davis
Ron Burr
Chief’s Coach
Brendan Schultz
Cody MacKenzie
Derek Eaton
Justin Abraham
Kellen Harper
Mr. Howard
Fight Opponent
Matthew Griendstorm
Coach Dale Milbury
Luke Hadfield
Fight Referee
Elliott Carr