Hiccups, series, cast,

30 minutes – Comedy, series
Date of first broadcast: March 1, 2010
Originating Network: CTV

13 x 30-minutes (2010)
13 x 30-minutes (2011)

Millie Upton has what should be a dream job. She’s a children’s book author who is wildly successful, internationally popular, but… socially unpredictable. Her success in writing for children is perhaps due in part to her being about as emotionally evolved as a six year old. Millie’s emotional “hiccups” get her in to all kinds of situations. In an effort to get a handle on things, she impulsively enlists the aid of a life coach Stan Dirko, to help set her straight. Only problem is, though he’s got a big heart and big ideas, Stan has very little life-coaching experience. Everyday, Stan attempts to balance Millie’s sudden outbursts of laughter, sadness and rage. Along for the ride is Millie’s publisher and owner of Haddison House, Joyce Haddison. Joyce reaps the financial benefit of Millie’s popularity, but consequently suffers the pitfalls and endless lawsuits that result from being associated with Millie. Joyce also has to suffer her new receptionist, Crystal Braywood, the daughter of a wealthy banker, who has no desire to “work,” and whom Joyce agreed to hire in exchange for favourable terms on her building’s mortgage. Joyce’s other stick in the spokes is Millie’s literary agent Taylor Rymes, who is as self-centred and as slick as grease…or maybe just slimy. Last, but not least is Stan’s loveable and slightly bewildered wife, Anna Dirko, who does her best to support his impractical dream of becoming a life coach.

Hiccups was created by Brent Butt.




Brent Butt
Arvi Liimatainen
Nancy Robertson

Executive Producer:

David Storey
Laura Lightbrown

Supervising Producer:

Andrew Carr


David Story
Brent Butt
Robert De Lint
James Dunnison


Brent Butt
Andrew Carr
Dylan Wertz
David Moses


Ken Krawczyk

Cast: Roles:

Nancy Robertson
Brent Butt
Laura Soltis
David Ingram
Emily Perkins
Paula Rivera

Millie Upton
Stan Dirko
Joyce Haddison
Taylor Rymes
Crystal Braywood
Anna Dirko