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Susan Hogan is mom to actor Gabriel Hogan

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

A Sweeter Song (1976)
One Night Stand (TV-1978)
I Miss You Hugs and Kisses (1978)
The Brood (1979)
Title Shot (1979)
An American Christmas Carol (TV-1979)

Phobia (1980)
Easy Prey (TV-1986)
Rolling Vengeance (1987)
The Midday Sun (1989)

Narrow Margin (1990)
White Fang (1991)
Impolite (1992)
Liar, Liar (TV-1993)
Bordertown Café (1993)
Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad (TV-1994)
Thicker Than Water: The Larry McLinden Story (TV-1994)
Boozecan (1994)
Visitors of the Night (TV-1995)
Ebbie (TV-1995)
Closer and Closer (1995)
Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story (TV-1996)
In Cold Blood (TV-1996)
No Greater Love (TV-1996)
When Danger Follows You Home (1997)
Silencing Mary (TV-1998)
Disturbing Behavior (1998)

A Father’s Choice (TV-2000)
Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (TV-2000)
Legs Apart (TV-2000)
The New Beachcombers (TV-2002)
A Beachcombers Christmas (TV-2004)
Hush (TV-2005)
Saving Milly (TV-2005)
Marker (TV-2005)
Everything’s Gone Green (2006)

TV Series – Cast:
Ritter’s Cove (1980)
Night Heat (1985)
The Little Vampire (1986)
Family Passions (1994)

The Brood, movie, poster,
This poster for The Brood was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.