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Home Again


103 minutes – Drama
Release date: March 22, 2013
Canadian Distributor: Entertainment One

A searing drama in the vein of City of God, Home Again tells the story of three young people deported home to Jamaica after being raised abroad since infancy. Once landed in Kingston and without a compass of any kind, each of the characters embarks on a journey that pushes their endurance beyond measure and forces them to discover who they truly are. On the most fundamental level, Home Again asks the question, How would you survive?

Photo and poster courtesy of Entertainment One. Used with Permission.

Home Again, movie poster



Jennifer Holness
Anita Lee
David Sudz Sutherland

Executive Producer:

Don Carmody

Associate Producer:

Brendan Carmody
Devin Mahesh


David Sudz Sutherland


Jennifer Holness


Arthur E. Cooper


Mischa Chillak

Production Designer:

Rupert Lazarus

Costume Designer:

Gersha Phillips

Cast: Roles:

Tatyana Ali
Lyriq Bent
Stephan James
Fefe Dobson
Richard Chevolleau
CCH Pounder
Paul Campbell
Kadeem Wilson
Brian Brown
Grace Aberdeen
Patti-Anne Ali
Shaun Austin-Olsen
Teri-Leigh Bovell
Peter Bryant
Eugene Clark
Jess Mal Gibbons

Marva Johnson
Dunston Browne
Everton St. Clair
Cherry C
Dulsay Mooreland
Uncle Archie Morris
Jim “The Don” Gilbert
Ras Leon
Roshanna Morris
Mr. Irving
Ms. Parker
Peter Moorehouse
Principle Raye
Patrick Stevens