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b. 1959 in Toronto, Ontario.

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Mike Hoolboom is often considered to be one of the finest experimental filmmakers of his generation. The son of a Dutch father and a Dutch-Indonesian mother, Hoolboom began making movies with his father’s Super 8 camera before studying media arts at Oakville`s Sheridan College from 1980 to 1983.
Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release
-P indicates also Producer
-W indicates also Screenwriter

College (1981-P)
Now, Yours (1981-P)
Self Portrait With Pipe and Bandaged Ear (1981-P)
The Big Show (1984)
Life Drawing One: Permanence Extending the Movement of Accommodation (1984)
Phonograph (1984)
Song for a Mixed Choir (1984)
Book of Lies (1985-P)
White Museum (1986-P)
From Home (1988-W-P)
Grid (1988-P)
Svetlana (1988-P)
Bomen (1989-P)
Brand (1989-P)
Eat (1989-P)
Was (1989-P)

Fat Corner (1990-P)
Install (1990-P)
Southern Pine Inspection Bureau No. 9 (1990-P)
Towards (1990)
Two (1990)
Man (1991, co-director)
Modern Times (1991-P)
Red Shift (1991-P)
Careful Breaking (1992-P)
Disneyland in June (1992-P)
In the Cinema No One Speaks Unless They Have Something to Say While in Real Life it`s Just the Opposite (1992-W-P)
Mexico (1992, -W, co-director)
The New Man (1992, co-director)
Steps to Harbour (1992)
Escape in Canada (1993)
Indusium (1993-P)
It’s Me, Again (1993)
Kanada (1993-W-P)
One Plus One (1993, co-director)
Shiteater (1993-P)
Frank`s Cock (1994-P)
Justify My Love (1994-P)
Precious (1994-P)
Valentine`s Day (1994-W-P)
Shooting Blanks (1995, co-director)
House of Pain (1995-P)
Letters from Home (1996-P)
Hey Madonna (1998)
In the Future (1998-W-P)
Panic Bodies (1998-P)

Secret (2001)
In the City (2001)
Tom (2002-P)
Imitations of Life (2003-W-P)
In the Dark (2003)
Public Lighting (2004-W-P)
Fascination (2006-W-P)
Mark (2009-W-P)

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