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b. in Montréal, Québec

;Kelsey Howard;
Kelsey T. Howard was born in Montreal but grew up in Vancouver. He left Canada to finish High School in California, later enrolling in El Camino College in Redondo Beach majoring in music before switching to film once he got a taste after being an extra on the PBS series Righteous Apples. That introduction to film led to a many years in film production that eventually brought him back to Canada during the filming boom of the nineties. He went on to work on several TV series such as the Emmy Award winning Wiseguy. Later, as First Assistant Director, Howard was trusted with the pre-production and shooting of 25 feature films, 10 TV pilots-movies. Howard was also involved in the development of Keystone Entertainment, the company that produced the highly profitable Air Bud franchise. Howard is currently working with 11-16 Entertainment, Ivanna Chubbuck and Neal H. Pogue on his latest project, Cracked, an edgy drama that explores the dark side of young Hollywood. These are his credits as a Director.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Scorched (2003)
Cruel World (2005)
Cracked (2008)

Credits as a Producer:
Breaking Point (1994, associate producer)
Killer (1994, associate producer)
Double Cross (VR-1994, associate producer)
Breach of Trust (1995, associate producer)
The Final Cut (1996, associate producer)
White Tiger (1996, associate producer)

Scorched (2003)
Cruel World (2005)