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106 Minutes – Drama
DVD release date: July 21, 2009
Canadian Distributor:

Inconceivable is an explosive look behind the curtain of the fastest growing medical practice in history, Assisted Reproductive Technology, or artificial insemination. It is not only the fastest growing business in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, but there is little or no regulation or professional oversight in many states.The film follows a number of women undergoing the procedure when something entirely inconceivable goes wrong. This is the third feature film in the amorality trilogy by Irish writer-director Mary McGuckian that started with Rag Tale in 2005 and continued with Intervention in 2007. Inconceivable is a Canada-UK co-production.

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Inconceivable, movie poster



Jeff Abberley
Martin Katz
Mary McGuckian

Executive Producer:

Julia Blackman
Susan Jackson
Penelope Wolf

Associate Producer:

Catherine Juniot
Richard Rowntree

Line Producer:

Marshall Leviten


Mary McGuckian


Mary McGuckian


Mark Wolf


David Freemantle


Kevin Banks

Production Designer:

Max Gottlieb

Art Director:

James Hendy

Costume Designer:

Sally O’Sullivan

Cast: Roles:

Andie MacDowell
Jennifer Tilly
Colm Feore
Elizabeth McGovern
Geraldine Chaplin
Jordi Mollà
David Sutcliffe
David Alpay
Colin Mochrie
Donna D’Errico
Oona Chaplin
Kerry Fox
Michael Eklund
Lothaire Bluteau
Reagan Pasternak
Nicholas Campbell
Owen Teale
John Sessions
Sara Stockbridge
Kennedy McGuckian
Liam McGuckian

Lottie Louise Du Bose
Dr. Jackson Charles Freeman
Tallulah ‘Tutu’ Williams
Frances Church-Chappel
Victor, clinical coordinator
Jon Du Bose
Andy Stephenson
Elsa Roxanne Gold
Laura Chappel
Kay Stephenson
Marlon Bell
Malcolm Blay
Fay Green
Jonathan Banks
Richard Newman
Finbar ‘Finn’ Darrow
Trixie Bell
Stephenson Boy 1
Stephenson Boy 2