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In Praise of Older Women

In Praise of Older Women, mage,
This lobby card was scanned from an original set of 8 in the Northernstars Collection.

110 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Release date: September 22, 1978
Canadian distributor: Astral Films
US distributor: Avco Embassy Pictures

It is difficult to watch this movie now and understand the impact it had when it was first released. Made in 1978, the so-called Sexual Revolution was well underway and there were few things left to the imagination of the average filmgoer. Based on a coming-of-age novel by Stephen Vizenczey, it tells the story of a Hungarian Lothario, played by American actor Tom Berenger, and documents his various conquests. Some of the controversy surrounding the release of this film is certainly due to the fact that it caused a near riot when it made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. What is now almost forgotten is the “riot” was caused because festival organizers had oversold tickets and those people who didn’t get seats vented their anger and frustration. While now only mildly titillating, the film remains a strong showcase for the state of Canadian filmmaking at the time. Helen Shaver was recognized with a Canadian Film Award for Performance by a Lead Actressm and Marilyn Lightstone also won for Supporting Actress. Miklós Lente won for Cinematography and Wolf Kroeger for Art Direction.

The lobby card and poster were scanned from originals in the Northernstars Collection.



Robert Lantos
Claude Héroux

Executive Producer:

Stephen J. Roth
Harold Greenberg

Associate Producer:

Howard R. Lipson


George Kaczender


Paul Gottlieb


Miklos Lente


George Kaczender
Peter Wintonick


Tibor Polgar

Art Director:

Wolf Kroeger

Costume Designer:

Olga Dimitrov

Cast: Roles:

Tom Berenger
Karen Black
Susan Strasberg
Helen Shaver
John Bayliss
Marilyn Lightstone
Alexandra Stewart
Marianne McIsaac
Alberta Watson
Ian Tracey
Monique Lepage
Jill Frappier
Michael Kirby
Bronwen Mantel
Arthur Grosser

Andras Vayda
Ann MacDonald
Glen MacDonald
Andras Vayda Jr.
The Countess
A teacher
Tibor Kovacs
Woman in cafe
Party Host