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81 minutes – Thriller, Horror, Drama
Language: English
Festival release date: 2018 (Busan International Film Festival – World Premiere)
Release date: TBA
Production company: Wanting Film Inc.
Canadian distributor: Kew Media Distribution

Isabelle, aka The Wanting, tells the story of Larissa and Matt Kane are the perfect young couple, moving into the perfect home, in the perfect neighbourhood in upstate New York. Larissa is pregnant and it’s a boy – his name is going to be Colton. Unexpectedly, Larissa goes into labour earlyand after serious complications, she flat-lines. Is she dead? Larissa spends a full minute without any signs of life, but then she comes back. The baby is stillborn. Larissa takes the news hard. The haunting image in the morgue seared into her memory catapults her onto an emotional roller coaster, one that threatens her sanity, marriage and life. Back home from the hospital, Larissa begins to ‘see’ her dead baby. And then notices a young woman in the house next door, sitting at an upstairs window, staring at her, making Larissa feel most uncomfortable. When Larissa tries to point out this woman to her husband, Matt doesn’t see anyone. Is Larissa losing her mind, or is she being haunted by a spirit? Matt thinks it’s the former. And yet, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that it’s the latter.

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Rob Heydon

Executive Producer:

Paul Brett
Rey Cuerdo
Sidney Ganis
Jason Garrett
Vincent Genuardi
Michael Heydon
Donald Martin
Peter Nichols
David Rogers
Sigurjon Sighvatsson

Consulting Producer:

Duane Murray

Line Producer:

Szonja Jakovits


Rob Heydon


Donald Martin


Pasha Patriki


Diane Brunjes


Mark Korven

Production Designer:

Diana Abbatangelo

Art Director:

Jeff Smith

Costume Designer:

Ruth Secord

Cast: Roles:

Amanda Crew
Adam Brody
Zoë Belkin
Sheila McCarthy
Booth Savage
Dayo Ade
Krista Bridges
Alison Brooks
Zoe Doyle
Shanice Banton
David Tompa
Michael Miranda
John Healy
Andrew Fleming
Sam Malkin
Markjan Winnick
Mark Waters
Ray Ray ‘Bola’ Olubowale
Todd Schroeder

Larissa Kane
Matt Kane
Isabelle Pelway
Ann Pelway
Clifford Kane
Father Lopez
Ruth Stanton
Dr. Phoebe Chan
Carol Murphy
Dr. Karl Neidorf
Pedro Salazar
Det. John Smith
Hospital Morgue Director
Hospital Orderly
Officer Steve Murray
Police Officer #2
Mover #1
Mover #2