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It’s All Gone Pete Tong


90 minutes – Drama
Festival release date: September 2004 (Toronto International Film Festival)
Release date: June 10, 2005
DVD release date: September 20, 2005
Canadian distributor: Odeon Films

“It’s All Gone Pete Tong” is Cockney rhyming slang for “It’s all gone wrong” and encapsulates the life of one of the most talented nightclub disc-jockeys in Europe, Frankie Wilde. Frankie was born in the Brixton area of London and managed to survive an early hard life. He worked in a chip shop and moved on to spinning records at some of the grimmest London bars. When the rave scene exploded, Frankie was ready and he became a master at mixing acid house and hard techno sets that drove crowds to another level. It was long held as true that once you saw and heard Frankie, you needed more. This film, which is more than a biopic but less than a full documentary, opens when Frankie is at the height of his fame. He is living in a mansion on the Spanish island of Ibiza, surrounded by bikinied beauties and on top of the dance club scene. A scene that attracts the international jet-set who vacation on one of the most beautiful places on earth. Born with a hearing disorder he is rapidly going deaf with only one functioning ear to complete the new Ibiza season. The condition is aided by the years of pounding music as well as a life almost saturated in drugs. Ultimately he also loses his fans, a record deal, his manager, wife and stepson. The good times gone, Frankie isolates himself in his villa under a pile of self-pity and a mountain of drugs. But a year later, determined to pull himself together, Frankie hires a lip-reading instructor, accepts a new way of life and rediscovers the music that had defined him. Against all odds he is returned to the top of the dance scene with a renewed connection to the almighty beat. And then he disappears.

It was named Best Canadian Feature at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Allan Niblo
James Richardson
Elizabeth Yake

Executive Producer:

Rob Morgan
Rupert Preston
Kim Roberts
Michael Whyke

Associate Producer:

Tony Arman Jones
Robert Blagojevic
Simon Rodgers
Pete Tong


Michael Dowse


Michael Dowse


Balazs Bolygo


Stuart Gizzard
Mark Popple


Graham Massey

Production Designer:

Paul Burns

Art Director:

Emily Straight

Costume Designer:

Ita Murray

Cast: Roles:

Paul Kaye
Mike Wilmot
Beatriz Batarda
Kate Magowan
Pete Tong
Dan Antopolski
Barry Ashworth
Charlie Chester
Carl Cox
Ron Lloy Hugh Elliston
Borja Galban-Fear
Lol Hammond
Geffen Strummer Kaye
David Lawrence
Doctor S.C. Lim
Sarah Main
Monica Maja
Neil Maskell
Steve Oram
Tim Plester
Paul Spence
Danny Whittle
Sterling Willis
Gideon Gold

Frankie Wilde
Max Haggar
Eric Banning
Marvin Sallis
Baby Wilde
Monica Maja Charlize Bondo
Jack Stoddart
DJ Blink
Brent Tufford