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J.A.Martin photographe

J.A.Martin photographe, image,
Monique Mercure and Marcel Sabourin in a publicity still for J.A.Martin photography, courtesy of the National Film Board.

101 minutes – Drama
Release date: August 17, 1977
Canadian Distributor: National Film Board of Canada

Set in rural Québec in the 19th century, Joseph-Albert Martin is a photographer who every summer sets out for the countryside with his massive camera, tripod and the chemeicals needed to turn everyday events like portraits, family gatherings, marriages etc., into miniature works of art preserved on glass. This year, however, his strong willed wife, Rose-Aimee Martin, decides to leave home and kids behind to accompany her husband on his annual journey. He does not like it one bit and their neighbours and family are scandalized; in the 19th century no woman would do these things, but Mme. Martin is no ordinary woman. The film tells a story that is both scenic and emotional as their time together on the road brings them closer than when they were at home and helps them revive a stale fifteen year old marriage. “Do you still find me physically attractive,” she timidly asks her deadpan husband. One of the best films ever produced by the NFB what it lacks in plot it makes up for with many rewarding interludes and extraordinary performances from the two leads, especially Mercure who won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival. J.A.Martin photographe also won Canadian Film Awards for Feature Film, Director, Actress (Mercure), Cinematography, Editing, Art Direction and Overall Sound.

J.A.Martin photographe, poster,



Jean-Marc Garand


Jean Beaudin


Jean Beaudin
Marcel Sabourin


Pierre Letarte
Pierre Mignot


Jean Beaudin
Hélène Girard


Maurice Blackburn

Art Director:

Vianney Gauthier

Costume Designer:

Huguette Gagné
Louise Jobin

Cast: Roles:

Marcel Sabourin
Monique Mercure
Marthe Thierry
Catherine Tremblay
Mariette Duval
Denis Hamel
Stéphane L’Ecuyer
Jacques Bilodeau
Colette Cortois
Marthe Nadeau
André St-Denis
Denise Proulx
Robert Desroches
Guy L’Ecuyer
Charlie Beauchamp
Luce Guilbeault
Denis Drouin
Madeleine Pageau
Éric Gaudry
Yvan Canuel
Germaine Lemyre
Jean Lapointe
Walter Massy
Denis Robinson
Henry Ramer
Jean Mathieu
Pierre Gobeil
Pierre Daigneault
Paul Cormier
Bobby Lalonde
Jocelyn Bérubé
Yvon Leroux
Louise Dubogue
Gaetan Girard

Joseph-Albert Martin
Rose-Aimee Martin
Dolores Martin
Mathieu Martin
David Martin
Hormidas Lambert
Mrs. Lambert
Aunt Aline
The Habitant
Hotel`s Owner
Hotel`s Owner
The Old Man
Mrs. Beaupre
A Client
A Client
Uncle Joseph
Aunt Demerise
Mr. Wilson
Julien Tremblay
A Workman
Mr. Tremblay
The Dance Caller
The Fieddler
The Fieddler
The Fieddler
The Bride
The Married Man