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Je me souviens


88 minutes – Drama
Release date: March 6, 2009
Canadian distributor: Atopia Films

The film is set in 1949, when Maurice Duplessis was premier of Quebec. It is somewhat based on the post-war labour movement and the growing “red scare” communism presented with the rise of the Soviet Union and the start of the Cold War. In the remote mining area of Abitibi, we meet Robert Sincenne. He might be a hero to his son, Louis, a charming kid to the cheerful dimples, but to the bosses of Sullidor Mining, the Catholic Church and the all powerful Duplessis, Robert is the enemy. A communist and free-thinker, Sincenne rivals fellow miner Richard Bombardier for the leadership of the mine union. When Bombardier dies suddenly and tragically, the entire mining community believes it was his wife, Mathilde, who killed him. Strong-willed and determined to avenge the accusation, Mathilde seduces the town’s union leaders and husbands of the women who started the rumor. As we rummage through the debris of revenge and time, a now grown Louis finds friendship with Nemesis, the daughter of Bombardier’s widow – who just might be his half-sister.

Je me souviens, movie poster



Linda Pinet

Executive Producer:

Pascal Maeder
André Forcier

Associate Producer:

Daniel Gagné


André Forcier


André Forcier
Linda Pinet


Daniel Jobin


Linda Pinet

Cast: Roles:

Michel Barrette
Céline Bonnier
Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc
David Boutin
Pierre-Luc Brillant
France Castel
Julie du Page
Roy Dupuis
Rémy Girard
Gaston Lepage
Renaud Pinet Forcier
Charles-Olivier Pelletier
Mario Saint-Amand
Doris St-Pierre
Alice Morel-Michaud
Michel Daigle
Stéphane L’Ecuyer
Michel Maillot
Jean Chevalier
Marc Fournier
Louise Laparé
Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
Laurent-Christophe De Ruelle

Maurice Duplessis
Mathilde Bombardier
Anita Sincennes
Richard Bombardier
Robert Sincennes
Martha Taylor
Marguerite Karsh
Liam Hennessy
Monseigneur Madore
Amédée Maréchal
Louis Sincennes (as a teenager)
Louis Sincennes (as a child)
Roch Devos
Iram Taylor
Némésis Bombardier
Yoland Galipeau
Father Hortensius
Mr. Provost
Mother Superior