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Just Buried

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94 minutes – Comedy
Language: English
Release date: July 25, 2008
DVD Release date: January 27, 2009
Canadian distributor: Seville Pictures

There’s an old business truism that goes something like, “if you want to make money buy a restaurant or a funeral home because people are always going to eat and they’re always going to die.” Sage advice, perhaps. In Just Buried, the basic plot centres on Oliver (Jay Baruchel). Destined for an uneventful life, he and his brother Jack return home to attend the funeral of their estranged father, Rollie (Jeremy Akerman). Rollie, in a videotaped will, spins a wheel to determine which heir will inherit all of his assets, including the family-run funeral home. Oliver wins the spin, although we later learn it was a fixed outcome. His father wanted to be sure that Oliver would make the near-bankrupt funeral home great again – even though Oliver is scared to death of Death. As Oliver begins to deal with the financial realities of the business, and the unhappy heirs left out of the will, he turns to the funeral home`s mortician, Roberta (Australian actor, Rose Byrne) for solace. When Oliver accidentally flattens an eccentric pedestrian, he discovers that Roberta is also the county coroner. This convenient fact will eventually disguise a multitude of sins as death becomes a bit of a growth industry in small town Nova Scotia.

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John Watson
Pen Densham
Chaz Thorne
Bill Niven


Chaz Thorne


Chaz Thorne


Christopher Porter


Christopher Cooper


Darren Fung

Cast: Roles:

Jay Baruchel
Rose Byrne
Graham Greene
Nigel Bennett
Sergio Di Zio
Reagan Pasternak
Thomas Gibson
Brian Downey
Slavko Negulic
Jeremy Akerman
Christopher Shore
Craig Wood
Martha Irving
Michael Pellerin
Bill Wood
Don Bottomley
Michael Ray Fox

Oliver Zinck
Roberta Knickel
Henry Sanipass
Chief Knickle
Jackie Whynacht
Charlie Richmond
Armin Imholz
Rollie Whynacht
Wayne Snarr
Mrs. Imholz
Sam the Wrecker
Crispin Imholz
Drunken Redneck