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B: December 22, 1978 in Bay D’Espoir, Newfoundland

Joanne Kelly has found success in film and television and on stage. Some theatre credits include Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Measure for Measure and Seven Stories. She appeared in and produced the stage productions of Oleanna, and Proof. Kelly has been nominated for two Gemini Awards’s in her career: one for her lead role in the mini-Series Diamonds, and the other for her lead role in the mini-Series, Playing. She played the role of Secret Service agent Myka Bering in 64 episodes of Warehouse 13.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

The Bay of Love and Sorrows (2002)
Crime Spree (2002)
Mafia Doctor (TV-2003)
Going the Distance (2004)
Heyday! (TV-2005)
Remembering Phil (2008)

Last Stop (2010)
Extraction (2013)
Runoff (2014)
Sadie (2014, short)
Don’t Blink (2014)
Vox (TV-2015)
Closet Monster (2015)
Away from Everywhere (2016)
Second Opinion (TV-2018)

TV Series – Cast:
Jeremiah (2003)
Vanished (2006)
The Treasure of Ugarit (2008, mini-series)
Warehouse 13 (2009-2014)

The Disappearance (2017, mini-series)

TV Series – Guest Appearances:
Mentors (2002)
Tracker (2002)
Mutant X (2002)
Snakes & Ladders (2004)
Slings and Arrows (2005)
The Dresden Files (2007)
Supernatural (2008)
Diamonds (2008, 2009)
Castle (2009)
The Republic of Doyle (2010)
The Deep End (2010)
CSI: Miami (2010)
No Ordinary Family (2011)
Hostages (2013, 2014)
The Returned (2015)
Zoo (2016)
The Resident (2018)
Godfather of Harlem (2019)

Closet Monster, movie poster
Poster for Closet Monster courtesy of Elevation Pictures.