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B: in Trinidad & Tobago

Karen King was born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised in Vancouver. She attended Simon Fraser University, and was a student at Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre the same year as director Stephen Williams. Her first production credit is producer on Williams’s CFC short A Variation on the Key 2 Life in 1993. These are her credits as a Producer.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

A Variation in the Key 2 Life (1993, short)
Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad (TV -1994, associate producer)
Rude (1995)
Gang in Blue (TV-1996, associate producer)
Some Kind of Arrangement (1997)
Booty Call (1997, assistant producer)
Black, Bold, beautiful (TV-1999, doucmentary, co-producer)
Unwanted Soldiers (TV-1999, documentary)

Journey to Justice (TV-2000, documentary)
Raisin’ Kane: A Rapumentary (2001, documentary)
The Travellers: This Land is Your Land (2001)
Film Club (TV-2002, documentary)
Bollywood Bound (2003, documentary)
Hogtown: The Politics of Policing (2005, documentary, executive producer)

TV Series:
About Us (1 episode, 2003, documentary)
ReGenesis (1 episode, 2006, Executive in charge of production)
Search and Rescue (22 episodes, 2008-2009, Executive in charge of production)

Shattered (14 episodes, 2010-2011, Executive in charge of production)