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;Kings and Desperate Men; The title of this film is taken from John Donne`s Holy Sonnets # 10 which is sometimes titled Death, Be Not Proud. Despite some promise in the concept there is not much in this film to be proud of either. The story centers on Patrick McGoohan who appears as John Kingsley, an abrasive but popular radio talk show host. While he is on the air, his family is taken captive by terrorists and so, in a way, is he when they invade his studio. To save his family he is forced to play the part of host to a bizarre trial. And so we have Kingsley and desperate men. The terrorists he confronts wish to debate the plight of one of their comrades imprisoned for manslaughter, live on the airwaves. And the listening audience must decide the verdict as an elite special force mounts a rescue operation to save the hostages. While this sounds like pretty exciting stuff, the film falls flat in many areas. Patrick McGoohan, confined to a small space like a radio studio, is totally over the top in this film. Filmed in Montreal, there were rumors at the time that the director had not shot enough footage and the film languished for months and months because it could not be effectively edited into a cohesive story. When it was ultimately released that seemed to be the case and the film suffers because of the editing, and by extension, poor direction. Of note is the fact that the wife of Patrick McGoohan`s is played by Margaret Trudeau, but there is little of her on screen.

118 minutes – Drama
Release date, Canada: August 22, 1981
Release date, US: November 13, 1983
VHS release date: 1989




Patrick McGoohan
Alexis Kanner
Andrea Marcovicci
Margaret Trudeau
Budd Knapp
Neil Vipond
Peter MacNeill
Dave Patrick
Robin Spry
August Schellenberg
Jean-Pierre Brown
Kevin Fenlon
Jane Hooper
Frank Moore
Kate Nash
Andrew Semple
Frederic Smith
Bob Lepage
Andre Koudsey
Normand Roy
Andrew Theodoses
Marcel Beaulieu

Alexis Kanner
Saul Kwiat
Robert Ménard
Alexis Kanner
Edmund Ward
Alexis Kanner
Alexis Kanner
Paul Van der Linden
Alexis Kanner
Pierre F. Brault
Michel Robidoux

John Kingsley
Lucas Miller
Elizabeth Kingsley
Judge MaManus
Henry Sutton
Grant Gillespie
Stanley Aldini
Chris Kingsley
Girl with Radio
Pete Herrera
Special Squad member
Special Squad member
Special Squad member
Special Squad member
Special Squad member