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L’affaire Dumont (2012)

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Poster and trailer © Alliance Vivafilm. Used with permission

Michel Dumont, a convenience store delivery man, is separated and the father of two young kids. , is charged, judged and sentenced for a rape he denies ever having committed. In the course of his trial, he falls in love with Solange, a young single mother, who believes in his innocence. While he serves his time in prison, she marries him and she embarks on the colossal task of proving his innocence and having the court rehabilitate him. The film is based on a true story and is a contemporary version of David versus Goliath. It takes place over ten years and makes its the audience ask some serious questions about the notion of innocence.

121 minutes – Drama
Release date: September 14, 2012 (Québec)
Canadian Distributor: Alliance Vivafilm