La chute de l’empire américain


127 minutes – Drama
Release date: June 28, 2018 (Québec)
Release date: May 31, 2019 (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver)
Canadian distributor: Les Films Séville
U.S. distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Inspired and/or loosely based on a 2010 shooting in the Old Montreal district of that city, La chute de l’empire américain (The Fall of the American Empire) tells the story of Pierre Paul Daoust (Alexandre Landry). Single and lonely, Daoust holds a doctorate in philosophy from McGill University, but works for a delivery company. While taking a parcel to a women’s clothing boutique he comes upon the scene of an armed robbery which has gone terribly wrong. Two people are dead. Daoust is confronted by two sports bags filled with Canadian banknotes. He is then faced with a dilemma: to take the money bags or not?

Trailer and poster courtesy of Les Films Séville.
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La chute de l’empire américainLa chute de l’empire américain
Producer: Denise Robert
Daniel Louis

Denys Arcand


Denys Arcand

Story Editor:

Marjorie Hamel (Script Supervisor)


Nathalie Moliavko-­Visotzky


Isabelle Dedieu


Pierre­‐Philippe Côté

Art Director:

Patrice Bengle

Costume Designer:

Marie‐Chantale Vaillancourt


Alexandre Landry

Maripier Morin

Rémy Girard

Louis Morissette
Maxim Roy
Pierre Curzi

Vincent Leclerc
Patrick Émmanuel Abellard

Florence Longpré

Eddy King
Benoit Brière

Gaston Lepage

Alain Goulem

Dominique Bertrand

Laurent Paquin

Yan England

Paul Doucet

Geneviève Schmidt

David Savard

James Hyndman

Éric Bruneau

Claude Legault