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La Grande Séduction – 2003


108 minutes – Comedy
Language: French
Release date: July 11, 2003
Canadian distributor: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm

Also released in English as Seducing Doctor Lewis, this film tells the story of a resident of the tiny port village of Sainte-Marie-La-Mauderne, Germain, who tries to convince a multinational corporation to set up a factory on the outskirts of town. Once a fishing port, Sainte-Marie-La-Mauderne has fallen on hard times and most of its residents are now unemployed. In order to meet the multinational’s insurance requirements, Germain must persuade a doctor to set up practice in the village. Led by Germain, the 150 villagers do everything in their power to convince a young doctor to settle in the community. As they come closer and closer to their goal, and acknowledging that, in their relationship with the doctor, they have walked a fine line between persuasion and lying, Germain and the other villagers find themselves having to choose between their factory and their integrity as a community.

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Roger Frappier
Luc Vandal


Jean-François Pouliot


Ken Scott


Allen Smith


Dominique Fortin


Jean-Marie Benoît

Cast: Roles:

Raymond Bouchard
David Boutin
Bruno Blanchet
Pierre Collin
Benoît Brière
Lucie Laurier
Rita Lafontaine
Gilles Pelletier
Donald Pilon
Clémence DesRochers
Réal Bossé
Denis Houle
Guy-Daniel Tremblay
Caroline Néron
Roc LaFortune

Germain Lesage
Christopher Lewis
Steve Laurin
Yvon Brunet
Henri Giroux
Eve Beauchemin
Helene Lesage
Alphonse Pinsonneault
Monsieur Dupre
Clothilde Brunet
Denis Lacoste
Rolland Lesage
Voice of Brigitte
Charles Campeau