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La Vie rêvée

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84 minutes – Drama
Language: French
Release date: July 22, 1972 (Montréal, Québec)
Production company: l’A11oclation Cooperative des Productions Audio-Visuelles
Distributor: Faroun Films

Budgeted at $105,000, La vie rêvée (The Dream Life) was considered “amazingly fresh” when it was released in 1972. It was the first Québec dramatic feature to be directed by a woman in the private industry, the first produced by the Association coopérative de productions en audio- visual (ACPAV), and the first to be shot in super 16mm (but released in 35mm). The film tells the story of a budding friendship between Isabelle and Virginie (Liliane Lemaître-Auger and Véronique Le Flaguais), a friendship that is rooted in common ambitions and concerns. One is in love with Jean-Jacques, the father of a family with out of reach social status, while the other is reluctant towards men and the common family model of life. In seeking to fulfill their desires, and dream, sexually and otherwise, they weave a whole phantasmagorical canvas around the ideal man, the fetish of the father figure, the lover and the object of success. By dint of ordinary reflections against a background of reveries, they end up dismantling the mirages and adhere to a more real life.

Made with the participation of the Canadian Film Development Corporation, La vie rêvée won the Canadian Film Award for Best Editing and the Wendy Mitchener Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement.
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Executive Producer:

Guy Bergeron


Mireille Dansereau


Mireille Dansereau
Patrick Auzépy


François Gill, assisted by:
Richard Rodrigue
Louis de Ernsted


Danielle Gagné


Emmanuel Charpentier

Production Designer:

Michèle Cournoyer (Set Design)

Cast: Roles:

Liliane Lemaître-Auger
Véronique Le Flaguais
Jean-François Guité
Guy Foucault
Louise Portal
Marc Messier
Paul Brennan
Judith Paré
Stéphanie Dansereau
Pierre Fauteux
Suzanne Comtois