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La cicatrice – 2013 Movie


La cicatrice (2013)

;La cicatrice, movie still; Photo and poster courtesy of Alma Films.

The deepest scars are not always the most visible ones, and the one that Richard Tremblay carries within has been open ever since on a particular evening in a barn when he was a child his life changed forever. Years have passed when his life takes a dramatic turn. Richard is playing a game of floor hockey and recognizes his old tormentor on the opposing team. Thrown off balance by the discovery, Richard decides to take his revenge. When Paul leaves the game he finds his car has four flat tires. Quickly subdued, Richard transports Paul to the very barn where he was first cruelly humiliated. Yet, the history that remains so alive in his mind seems totally absent in that of the other man. It seems as if Paul doesn’t remember his former classmate. The journey into Richard Tremblay`s past is deftly handled and includes a sequence where we are witness to Richard as a child, Richard as a teenager and Richard as a man now in command over his bully. But it isn’t the violence that is the focus of this film; it is the emotional havoc that results and the vicious circle that is created when the bullied become the bullies.

Written and directed by Jimmy Larouche who built his reputation making short films, La circatrice (The Scar) is his first feature film.

80 minutes – Drama
Release date: April 12, 2013
DVD release date: March 11, 2014
Canadian distributor: Alma Films
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;La cicatrice, movie poster;

Art Director:
Sound Designer:

Marc Béland
Patrick Goyette
Normand D’Amour
Joelle Morin
Loeik Bernier
Dany Bouchard
Sébastien Lablanc
Martine Francke
Sébastien Ricard

Patricia Diaz
Jimmy Larouche
Jimmy Larouche
Jimmy Larouche
Glauco Bermúdez
Mathieu Demers
Mylène Leboeuf-Gagné
Maya Guimont
Andreas Mendritzki

Richard Tremblay
Paul Simoneau
Maurice Simoneau
Guylaine Simoneau
Paul, as a child
Richard, as a child
Richard. as an adolescent
Marie Tremblay
Thérapeute / Therapist