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La Ligne Brisée

La Ligne Brisée, 2008 movie, image,

101 Minutes – Drama
Release date: March 7, 2008
Canadian distributor: Alliance Vivafilm

Sébastien Messier and Danny Demers have been friends forever and have shared all kinds of things, including their passion for boxing. After being away for a year and a half, Danny returns to Montréal. He has hit rock bottom and has no immediate prospects. Sébastien, on the other hand, is well on his way to achieving his dream, preparing for the fight of his life for the title of world champion. The reunion of the two friends is emotional, full of memories and potential. Then a dramatic event completely changes their lives. Blinded by ambition, Sébastien loses sight of what is most important and of himself. But his desire to compete with Danny inspires him to take control of his life. Initially, Sébastien thinks all he has to do is to get back into shape to prove his superiority. But ghosts from the past come back to haunt him. However, he finds the courage to face his demons and give Danny the ultimate proof of his friendship. La Ligne Brisée (The Broken Line) is the story of two friends who deserve each other, for the best and the worst reasons. It reminds us that standing tall in life is much harder than staying on your feet in the ring.

La Ligne Brisée, movie, poster,



André Dupuy

Line Producer:

Valérie Allard


Louis Choquette


Michelle Allen


Ronald Plante


Claude Palardy


FM Le Sieur

Art Director:

Louise-Marie Beauchamp

Cast: Roles:

David Boutin
Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge
Fanny Mallette
Jacynthe René
Germain Houde
Roger Larue
Benoît Gouin
Danny Bianco Hall
Steve Laplante
David Cadieux
André Delage
Daniel Deshaies
Anne-Renée Duhaime
Jean-Alexandre Gaudreau
Mike Griffin
Michel Lacroix
Mario Langlois
Phil Lo Greco
Yvon Michel
Andy Quesnel
Émmanuelle Rochon
Mariev Rodrig
Marc Sewer
Amélie Sorel
Daniel Trépanier
Sébastien Valade

Sébastien Messier
Danny Demers
Fabien Michaud
Ring Side Doctor
Cut Man Martinez
Caroline Dun
Ambulancier #2
Arbitre #2
Le présentateur #2
Commentateur #2
Henrico Martinez
Analyste #2
Card Girl #4
Card Girl #6
Card Girl #5
Coach Martinez
Card Girl #3
Asst Coach Martinez
Ambulancier #1