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La vie heureuse de Léopold Z


68 minutes – Comedy
Language: French
Release date: August 8, 1965
Production company: National Film Board of Canada
Canadian Distributor: Columbia Pictures

This first feature film by Gilles Carle centres on the innocent misadventures of happy-go-lucky Léopold, a snowplow driver. The entire movie takes place over the course of a single day—Christmas Eve—from breakfast to midnight Mass. Hit by a bad snowstorm, Montréal’s streets need clearing and so Léopold has little time for little else. Unfortunately, real life intervenes. He must find time to take out a loan, buy his wife a fur coat, take his son to choir practice, meet his cousin at the station then watch her rehearse her nightclub act, all while evading detection by his boss. It’s a whimsical tale in which the viewer gets swept up in Léopold’s adventurous day and despite twists and turns and unforseen obstackles that would fall a stronger man, for Léopold everything falls neatly into place with warmth and good-natured humour.

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Jacques Bobet


Gilles Carle


Gilles Carle


Jean-Claude Labrecque


Werner Nold


Paul de Margerie

Cast: Roles:

Guy L’Écuyer
Paul Hébert
Suzanne Valéry
Monique Joly
Jacques Poulin
Gilles Latulippe
Bernard Lapierre
André Gagnon
Albert Millaire
Raymond Lemay

Léopold Z. Tremblay
Théophile Lemay
Catherine Tremblay
Jacques Tremblay

Voice on the radio