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La vie secrète des gens heureux

La vie secrète des gens heureux

101 minutes – Comedy
Language: French
Release date: September 5, 2006
Canadian Distributor: Christal Films

The Dufresnes are a perfect family. Almost. Bernard Dufresne (Gilbert Sicotte) is the director of a prosperous food company and a famous businessman. Solange (Marie Gignac), his wife, is a keen intellect and is widely known thanks to a winning performance on a popular quiz show. Their daughter has left home to live in England and practise medicine. In short, happiness seems to smile on them with one glaring exception. Their 25 year old son is still living at home. Thomas Dufresne (Marc Paquet) is studying to be an archetect, but he`s not the best looking young man and he`s as clumsy as they come. Then one day he runs into a free-spirited waitress, Audrey (Catherine De Lean), and it looks like his life is about to change. Even his teachers begin to praise him for his creative innovation and Thomas begins to savor the sweet taste of success. But then he finds out that his chance encounter with Audrey wasn’t quite left to chance and the repercussions of that discovery threaten to destroy this so-called perfect family. Stéphane Lapointe shared the 2006 Jutra Award for first time feature directors for this film.

Photo and poster courtesy of Christal Films

La vie secrète des gens heureux, movie poster



Roger Frappier
Luc Vandal


Stéphane Lapointe


Stéphane Lapointe




Richard Comeau

Cast: Roles:

Marc Paquet
Gilbert Sicotte
Marie Gignac
Catherine de Léan
Gilles Renaud
Anne Dorval
Maxime Denommée
Gabriel Arcand
Hubert Proulx
Marc Béland
Mariane Lalumière
Benoît Rousseau

Thomas Dufresne
Bernard Dufresne
Solange Dufresne
Audrey Marion
Professor of Architecture
Yves Michel (host)
Charlotte, Audrey’s daughter