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B: January 3, 1964 in Tiverton, Ontario

Bruce LaBruce, who started out in life as Justin Stewart, is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer. He dropped out of film school once he’d learned the basics, going on to make a series of Super·8 films in the mid 1980s and co-editing a punk fanzine called J.D.s, which helped start the queercore movement. He was thrust onto the international film scene with his first feature No Skin Off My Ass in 1991.

His 2020 film, Saint-Narcisse, was acquired by the Brussels-based Best Friend Forever ahead of the Cannes’ virtual Marché du Film. His film Gerontophilia played at the Venice Film Festival in 2013 and Pierrot Lunaire won the Teddy Award in Berlin in 2014.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Boy, Girl (1987, short)
I Know What It’s Like to be Dead (1987, short)
Home Movies (1988, short)

A Case for the Closet (1990, short)
The Post Queer Tour (1990, short)
No Skin Off My Ass (1991)
Super 8 1/2 (1994)
Hustler White (1996)

Skin Flick (2000, hardcore title: Skin Gang)
The Raspberry Reich (2004, hardcore title: The Revolution Is My Boyfriend)
Otto; or, Up with Dead People (2008)

L.A. Zombie (2010)
The Bad Breast; or, The Strange Case of Theda Lange (2010, short)
Weekend in Alphaville (2010, short)
Fucking Different XXX (2011, Offing Jack segment)
Gerontophilia (2013)
Ulrike’s Brain (2014)
The Misandrists (2017)
Refugee’s Welcome (2017, short)
It is Not the Pornographer That is Perverse… (2018)
Scotch Egg (2018, short)
Valentin, Pierre & Catalina (2018,short)
30/30 Vision: 3 Decades of Strand Releasing (2019)

Saint-Narcisse (2020)

TV Series:
CockyBoys (2017, 2018)

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