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Lance et compte

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120 minutes – Drama
Language: French
Release date: November 26, 2010
Canadian Distributor: eOne Films (Les Films Séville)

The small town of Lac St-Jean, Québec vibrates to the rhythm of hockey. Following a game the players sign autographs then the members of the beloved Le National team get on the bus that will take them home. It`s a long trek from Roberval to Québec City. On one of the long curves of Mount Apica there’s an accident and the team bus careens out of control and off the road. As the line beneath the title on the poster says, “Every dynasty has its tragedy.” Half the team is dead. Now the survivors face the daunting task of rebuilding Le National for the future.

Images © Films Séville

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Caroline Héroux

Executive Producer:

Stèphanie Héroux
Christian Larouche

Line Producer:

Mario Nadeau


Frédérik D’Amours


Réjean Tremblay


Bernard Couture


Eric Genois


Mario Sévigny

Cast: Roles:

Marc Messier
Marina Orsini
Carl Marotte
Jason Roy-Léveillée
Denis Bouchard
Raymond Bouchard
Yvan Ponton
Hélène Florent
Pat Kiely
Elias Scoufaras
Éric Hoziel
Louis-Philippe Dandenault
Peter Miller
Robert Marien
Michel Forget
Karim Toupin-Chaieb
Louise Portal
Nastassia Markiewicz
James A. Woods
Laurent Da-Silva
Marie Tifo
Dean Hagopian

Marc Gagnon
Suzie Lambert
Pierre Lambert
Guy Lambert
Lucien ‘Lulu’ Boivin
Jérôme Labrie
Jacques Mercier
Dan Jackson
Sam Goldberg
Mac Templeton
Francis Gagnon
Mike Ludano
Robert Martin
Gilles Guilbault
Mathias Ladouceur
Mireille Bellavance
Woman with Jackson
Guillaume Pratte
Junior Senator from Ottawa
The Prime Minister
Commissaire Boswell