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Last Call for Gavin Michael Booth
by Staff

(July 11, 2018, Windsor, ON) – Windsor Ontario-born writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor Gavin Michael Booth is returning to his hometown as production ramps up for his second feature, Last Call, costarring Sarah Booth (Law & Order: SVU, American Horror Story, CBC’s 21 Thunder) and David Wilkins.

Last Call is the story of a suicidal man and the unlikely woman who attempts to save his life. The film will utilize Windsor as its backdrop as the film unfolds in real-time and split screen. This means filming will be completed in a single ninety minute take as the audience is able to watch both sides of the story unfold simultaneously.

Known in the world of music for his work on music videos and documentaries, Booth is known the the film world for The Scarehouse, which was also shot in Windsor. “I’ve had the opportunity to create real-time short films, music videos and a live film. Taking this style into the feature realm will push myself both creatively and technically,” said Booth.

Costar David Wilkins co-wrote the screenplay and shares producing duties with Booth. Booth broke new filmmaking ground with the world’s first live horror movie titled Fifteen for The Purge & Get Out producer Jason Blum (Blumhouse). Two camera crews will work simultaneously at different locations in the city, filming Last Call in one elaborate single take.

Filming is set to take place next month The film is looking for local crew members and urges pros and newcomers alike to get involved. “If it wasn’t for the Windsor film community and this city’s support, I wouldn’t have one tenth the opportunity I have today. I’ll always encourage the next generation of Windsor born filmmakers to take part in our productions and gain experience they can carry on in their own creative journey” said Booth.

As filming has yet to begin, no release date has been announced.