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JiCi Lauzon


B: July 24, 1954

JiCi Lauzon began his career as an actor in Toronto when he was just 19 years old. He followed that by touring various theatres in Québec and then decided to find warmer climes. He worked for Club Med in the Bahamas, Guadeloupe and Greece. Back in Montréal, Lauzon developed a following over the next few years playing small venues when he came to the attention of the Just For Laughs empire. Encouraged to really let go, he came up witrh his first one-man show that incorporated some of the best of his previous monologues and song parodies. He titled the show Crudités and took it on the road for more than 200 performances. His second one-man show, Satires of the World, brought an invitation from the director Jean-Claude Lord to appear in the series, Jasmine, which led to more roles in television and film.

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