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B: January 2, 1886 in Hamilton, Ontario
D: December 28, 1938 in Los Angeles, California

Florence Lawrence, “The Biograph Girl,” grew up on Jackson street in Hamilton and started out in life as Florence Annie Bridgwood. She made 38 films in 1908 and 65 in 1909. The movie-star system, as we know it today, began with her in 1910. Elusive Isabel, produced by Universal Pictures in 1916, was her first full-length silent movie. A stage musical titled The Biograph Girl was launched in 1980, and in 2001, William J. Mann published a novel about Florence Lawrence, also titled The Biograph Girl.

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Other credits
In Swift Waters (1912)
A Singular Cynic (1914)
Elusive Isabel (1916)

The Enfoldment (1922)
The Satin Girl (1923)
Gambling Wives (1924)

Hard Hombre (1931)
One Rainy Afternoon (uncredited, 1936)