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Le Grand Départ


100 minutes – Comedy
Release Date: December 19, 2008
Distributor: Alliance Vivafilm

Photo & poster courtesy of Alliance Vivafilm

Jean-Paul Cardin is a 53-year-old doctor who decides to leave his family behind to start a new life with Nathalie, a woman 25 years his junior. But what he believed would be his ticket to heavenly bliss quickly puts him on the road to hell. Can you really forget the past and start anew after turning 40? That’s the big question this comedy-drama dares to ask and tries to answer.

This film marks the debut of actor-writer Claude Meunier as a director.

Le Grand Départ, movie poster



Daniel Louis
Denise Robert


Claude Meunier


Claude Meunier


Bruce Chun


Jean-François Bergeron


Michel Corriveau

Production Designer:

Emmanuel Frechette

Costume Designer:

Marianne Carter

Cast: Roles:

Marc Messier
Guylaine Tremblay
Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc
Rémy Girard
Diane Lavallée
Sophie Desmarais
Louis-José Houde
Luc Senay
Catherine Trudeau
France Parent
Maxim Gaudette
Patrick Drolet
Sylvie Potvin
René Richard Cyr
Martine Francke
Claude Meunier
Wildemir Normil
Kevin Houle
Rychard Thériault
Lorraine Pintal
Cynthia Wu-Maheu
Jean Antoine Charest
Massimo Gallizzi
Jeanne Ostiguy
Nico Gagnon
Jonathan Gagnon
Marie-Évelyne Baribeau
Suzie Poisson

Jean-Paul Cardin
Céline Demers
Nathalie Craig
Henri Leduc
A Hypocondriac
Gérard Craig
Kim Goodwin
Woman Doctor
Art show attendee 2
Yvette Craig
Art show attendee 1
Madame Talbot
Le voisin senteux
Father Joe
Myriam’s friend
Jean-Paul’s doctor
Evelyne Dumas
Myriam’s new friend
Agent d’immeuble
Yvan Dubuc, a journalist
Alex Malo
Friend of Myriam