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Le piège américain

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101 minutes – Drama, Cold War, Politics
Language: French, English, Spanish
Release Date: May 16, 2008
Production company: Aetios Production
Canadian distributor: Alliance Vivafilm

Le piège Américain, or The American Trap as it is titled in English, is set during the years of the Cold War in the mid-1960s and features an international cast of actors. Much of the world is still reeling from the assassination of JFK – but has yet to lose Bobby Kennedy. In the midst of all this, a reluctant hero by the name of Lucien Rivard becomes enmeshed in a web of global political intrigue and corruption. The United States, Russia and France are embroiled in a strategic battle over Third World natural resources. To keep the upper hand, each of their secret services has joined forces with various organized crime factions. Lucien is the go-between, travelling to the casinos of Havana, the night clubs of Dallas, the seedy heroin labs of Marseille, the tropical jungles of Indonesia and the urban jungles of New Orleans and Montreal. As tensions heat up, he becomes a secret weapon for a black ops organization over which he has no control – and an unwitting protagonist as a tragic chain of events begins to unfold before his very eyes.

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Fabienne Larouche
Michel Trudeau


Charles Binamé


Fabienne Larouche
Michel Trudeau


Pierre Gill


Dominique Drouin


Sari Dajani
Iohann Martin
Rudy Toussaint

Production Designer:

Danielle Labrie

Cast: Roles:

Rémy Girard
Gérard Darmon
Colm Feore
Joe Cobden
Janet Lane
Tony Calabretta
Serge Houde
Dino Tavarone
Jeff Boudreault
Denis Gravereaux
Matthew Boylan
Bill Lake
James Bradford
Manuel Tadros
Philip Riccio
Sean Brison
Jim Adhi-Limas
Danny Blanco Hall
William Thurlow
Pauline B. Abarca
Luc Proulx
Andrew Johnston
Larry Day
Glen Robin
Annick Desmarais
Glen Bower
Bob Babinski
Maytee Figueredo Chavez
Deke Richards
Inav Vukov
Leonardo Fuica
Paul Don
Peter Saganis
Robert Tessier
Jean-Philippe Leblanc
Filip Petacki
Odalys Cantoja Toledo
Yuri D. Cervantes
Nathalie Béland
Katia Morales
Suyin Monette
Diana Diaz
Veridiana Butos Mara

Lucien Rivard
Paul Mondolini
Maurice Bishop
Jeffery Cohen
Rose Cheramie
Jack Ruby
DEA Agent Thompson
Carlos Marcello
Michel Caron
Michael Victr Mertz
Bobby Kennedy
J. Edgar Hoover
John L McClellan
Joseph Valachi
Lee Harvey Oswald
Edward James Whalen
Head of the Indonesian rebels
Process Judge Rivard
Miss Baptista
Santo Traffcante
Lieutenant Francis Frugé
Marie Llda Caron
American Customs Officer 1
American Customs Officer 2
Happy Cuban
Hungarian 1
Hungarian 2
Che Guevara
Montréal Policeman 1
Montréal Policeman 2
Montréal Policeman 3
Montréal Policeman 4
Montréal Policeman 5
Cuban Dancer 1
Cuban Dancer 2
Cuban Dancer 3
Cuban Dancer 4
Cuban Dancer 5
Cuban Dancer 6
Cuban Dancer 7